Sewart City Slides

One of my favorite things to do is explore San Francisco by foot, most likely stopping for coffee midway to my destination. I’ve gone on many self-lead city walks as of late, exploring different neighborhoods, seeking out old school San Francisco establishments and walking as far as my two feet will take me.  I’ve heard about the Sewart Street Slides for children and adults alike, but it only took me 10 years to finally slid down one. Note to self: slide down more slides!  You can learn more about the story of the slides, community involvement and the struggle to preserve open space here. It’s a nice walk up very steep hills but as a San Franciscan resident, you know there is a reward once you make it to the top: a great view! Kite Hill is just around the corner with amazing views of the cityscape and most likely cute dogs. Appropriately named Kite Hill due to the high winds, so next time I will definitely bring my pocket kite.

IMG_1791 View from the community gardens just above the slides.
IMG_1794Kite Hill facing southwest

IMG_1795Kite Hill facing northeast


Ready to slide!

There’s a stash of cardboard at the bottom if you have a need for speed.