Cutie and The Boxer

I just watched this special documentary about the Japanese artist couple Ishio and Noriko Shinohara’s 40 year long marriage, their New York living, and the sacrifices made to make art. I fell in love with them almost instantly.




New Mexico Adventures – Petroglyphs

I’ve returned from another enchanting trip to the Land of Enchantment. As soon as we stepped off of the plane we went straight to the Petroglyph National Monument to check out some early volcanic rock art. Just another typical day.







Matisse From SFMOMA at the Legion of Honor

Every first Tuesday of the month is free museum day in San Francisco. SFMOMA has various pop-up style exhibits around town during their reconstruction, one being a small gathering of works by Matisse at the Legion of Honor. It’s a small room featuring still-lifes, sculptures, and portraitures. Standing in front of his vibrant work always brings me to life. If you’re planning a trip to see the Anders Zorn exhibit at the Legion of Honor, don’t forget to see this tiny glimpse of Matisse in the room before the entrance. These were my two favorite lady portraits.

The Girl with the Green Eyes
Young Woman In Pink


David Hockney: A Bigger Exhibition

I had the pleasure of seeing the David Hockney exhibit at the De Young Museum this week. It blow me away. Prior to this, I had only seen some of his earlier photo collages. The exhibit is of his most recent work over the last 10 years after he moved from Southern California back in England after living away from his homeland for decades. My favorite paintings were multiple panel large-scale landscapes of forests and the countryside. His use of color and the size of each work brings the viewer into his world of seasons changing, which he had not seen for so many years. It felt like walking through a color-filled forest.




David Hockney


Richard Diebenkorn: The Berkeley Years, 1953-66

I was blown away by Richard Diebenkorn’s abstract expressionist landscapes of Berkeley now on view at the De Young. His use of color and geographical arrangement of shapes made me feel like I was parachuting over the land. His figurative pieces featuring women looking out the glass at landscapes in contempative poses really resonated with me. Go figure. The exhibit is on display until September 29th.
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