Poem in Your Pocket Day!

As said here, the idea is simple: select a poem you love during National Poetry Month then carry it with you to share with co-workers, family, and friends. Poems in pockets will be unfolded everywhere, with events at bookstores, libraries, parks and schools. In preparation, I gathered my most loved poetry books and perused some of my favorite poems. The namesake of this portmanteau of web + log happens to be the title of a poem so the choice was easy.

Thee runner-up. I will alway love Shel Silverstein. Not only for his poems and illustrations but for his song-writing too.

Note to self: must get A Light in the Attic!

Paris Spleen, prose poetry by Baudelaire, reflects modern city life in 1850s Paris. If only my pocket was big enough, (I have small pockets) I would carry it everywhere I go. Alas, one more reason to go to the City of Lights.

A pocket-friendly slightly abridged version. Being a cloud monger myself, it makes me chuckle every time.

I’m ready for poem in my pocket day. Are you? Let’s share poems!


New Album from Sonny and the Sunsets!

Sonny and the Sunsets, one of my favorite bands here in San Francisco, have a new album coming in June. I can’t wait! You can pre-order it here on yellow vinyl. According to the record label it was inspired by a recent break up with his girlfriend of 10 years. Here he is on the cover looking a bit forlorn and a bit Hank Williams Sr.-like. Hello, heartbreak!

Here’s one track on the album… it’s an old song newly arranged!


Happy Birthday, Shakespeare!

Today is speculated to be the birthday of the great wordsmith, William Shakespeare who forever left his mark on the English Language. He invented hundreds of new words and phrases. His effect on the English Language will never be forgotten (I hope) as language is now changing so rapidly.

image from here.


Food in Jars.

I like food in jars and one of my favorite food blogs happens in be Food in Jars. I appreciate Marisa McClellan’s innovative canning adventures and her ability to present the recipes with a personal touch without getting off subject. So needless to say I’m excited that she has her first cookbook coming out AND she’s coming to San Francisco’s Omnivore Books in June. Mark your calendar.


Record Store Day!

Don’t forget this Saturday 4/21 is Record Store Day, so get out there and support your local record store. Here’s a list of the special releases and where you can find participating stores near you. Last year we went to Amoeba and the checkout line was wrapped around the store. It was pretty fascinating to see all the vinyl junkies come out of the wood works. Quite a scene! I’m not that intense about it so I’ll probably go for the calm after the storm. Happy record shopping!


The Ice Cream Bar

I finally made it to the new Ice Cream Bar in Cole Valley where the 1930s decor is just as sweet as the treats. With a menu of over 75 tintures, homemade syrups, ice cream, floats, and you name it, t’was a bit overwhelming to decide. I went with an egg cream but soon after noticed they have “the world’s best pistachio milkshake.” Unfortunately, it’s for 2 and happens to be the most expensive item on the menu. Next time I’ll have to find someone to share it with me. Two straws and a race to the bottom!

Lazy Sunday.

A day spent doing nothing was much needed. The weather took a turn for the best so I spent it reading a wonder-filled book, occasionally people watching, with a picnic for one in Dolores Park. The new playground is a big hit! I wish I could have rolled down the hillside like I used to in my way younger days, and swing on a swing (they were all taken) with an unmatched view of palm trees in the foreground and San Francisco’s skyline in the background. T’was a good day indeed.

park/picnic enthusiasts. Notice the giant cotton candy tower.

The women’s bathroom line (on the lower right) is always a mile long.

Skyline. Not too shabby.

A magical world living in watermelon sugar.


Gone but not forgotten cookies.

It was a going away day at work so I made some cookies for a gal who used to bring her sweet treats in regularly to share.  I used a basic oatmeal cookie recipe but subbed cardamom for the cinnamon, dried cherries for the raisins, pistachios for walnuts, and added dark chocolate chunks. Sweet, savory, and a bit salty just like the special gal herself. Waistlines aside, she is one talented special lady and she will to missed!


Aretha Friday.

She seeped seamlessly into my Friday. On multiple occasions these songs came to mind. I’m a big fan of embracing it. Listen!


The Various Lives of Clouds.

This cloud print was brought to my attention today. (Thanks, Shauna!) It’s been raining on and off for the past week so I’ve witnessed the lives of all clouds but one, which we never see here… the snow cloud.  So simple and cute! Get one of your own here