Home Brew & Pizza Party

We recently took next step in home brewing and got a tap-a-draft system! They are 1 gallon plastic kegs with CO2 cartridges so you can easily have some of your beer on draft at home and not have to bottle all of it. Works for me! Nick has brewed a handful of beers that are ready to drink so we had some home brewer friends over to help drink them. Jon brought a bounty of home brew reserves adorned with lovely letterpress labels!  I made a few different pizzas (7 to be exact) and we made merriment! Can’t wait to do it again. Except next time I’ll make less pizza and taste more home brew. I get too excited about making pizza.

IMG_0353Hoppy Pale Ale
IMG_0354 Belgian Golden Ale
IMG_0355Jon’s Golden Dog Big IPA letterpress label beauty w/ a burst of spring daffodils in a Oktoberfest stein smuggled out of Munchen.

Margarita pizza with thyme.

I didn’t take any photos of the other pizzas while elbow deep in flour.