Cutie and The Boxer

I just watched this special documentary about the Japanese artist couple Ishio and Noriko Shinohara’s 40 year long marriage, their New York living, and the sacrifices made to make art. I fell in love with them almost instantly.




Woody Guthrie- Mermaid Ave. Reissues

One of my musical heros is dust bowl traveler, folk song father, Woody Guthrie. When he died at the young age of 55, he left behind him lyrics to songs that were never recorded, most of which he had written while living on Mermaid Avenue on Coney Island. When they were discovered years later by his daughter, fortunately she wanted to share with the world. Billy Bragg and Wilco gladly accepted of task of putting the lyrics to music and recorded Mermaid Avenue. They were released on vinyl in the 90’s but due to the height of the compact disc, they have been very hard (and $$$) to find until now. Nonesuch Records reissued these special recordings in 3 vinyl volumes. I was lucky enough to see many of the songs performed live by Jeff Tweedy at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival free of charge. It was a magical day in Golden Gate Park. One of my favorite songs lyrically and performed by Jeff Tweedy is Do You Remember the Mountain Bed. He was a special one, indeed.



L.A. Art Book Fair

On a last moment whirlwind trip to L.A. for my new gig, I saw the city in a new light (with sunglasses on of course). The L.A. Art Book Fair  organized by Printed Matter was quite a trip in itself. I got to soak it all in.  Cool people making cool stuff.


The Thing Quarterly booth introducing our new John Baldessari issue!

Here’s a brief history on Baldessari narrated by Tom Waits.


Dominant Legs On Repeat

After a quick stint to Los Angeles to go to the L.A. Art Book Fair and see a dear friend, I can’t stop listening to this…

Somehow it reflects my weekend emotions music wise completely.


That Big Open Sky

One of the distinct differences of Santa Fe, NM (besides the totally normal fossil hunting and petroglyphs sitings) is the big open (blue) sky. Plus the adobe-style architecture and ridiculous sunsets. Blue, rust and red dominate the color palette. It’s a change in landscape I embrace and look forward to seeing again.