Gingerbread Mansions

I went downtown to check out the sugar castle at the historic Westin St. Francis Hotel. The ingredient quantities alone are something to marvel at. There are dueling giant gingerbread mansions around town so you can have various Hansel & Gretel moments like myself. Luckily, my house isn’t edible, otherwise I might not have a roof over my head.





Sunchoke-Kale-Oyster Mushroom Hash

I’ve been looking for different ways to cook sunchokes rather then just roasted or in soup (both of which are delicious). This recipe for a hardy winter Sunchoke-Kale Hash was calling my name. I used quinoa instead of farro and added some purple kale along with Tuscan kale. Yum!



Listening to: Songs From Woody Allen Films

I stumbled upon this mix of Woody Allen film soundtracks while packing up a crate of records from our record sale. I’ve always appreciated his love of old-timey music like ragtime jazz. It makes me feel like I’m strolling through central park or sitting on a lower Manhattan bench marveling at the Brooklyn bridge in the moonlight. Must find some of these tunes on record!


Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

I made a very small last minute batch of peanut butter cups for a holiday gift. I will definitely being making a giant batch soon! Caution: they are very addicting. I used this recipe from which also happens to be vegan. I didn’t have any almonds to make them with almond butter but will definitely try it next time. I winged it with whatever nut butter and dark chocolate I had at home. Peanut butter + dark chocolate + sea salt (on top) = THE BEST! The process is pretty quick and simple…

Melt chocolate down in a double boiler (mean is makeshift with two pots).
Pour a small amount of chocolate and swirl to line bottom of cupcake liners.
Mix nut butter filling ingredients, roll in small balls and place in center of liners.
Pour chocolate to cover filling, top with sea salt, and place in fridge to harden for about 30 minutes.
Then eat.


Record Sale Galore!

We’ve been going through our record collection and it’s time to clean house. Instead of having another sidewalk sale (which I would like to do again) we’re putting them up for auction here. They are all quality albums but haven’t been given love in a long while. The best thing about selling records is rediscovering your musical past. It’s time to get these records some love in a new home.


Camping out selling records. Windy day blowing the banner (and my hair helmet) but t’was fun talking to passer-byers about music and records. Could do this for life!





$_57-2 $_57-3


Hand Knit Bike Basket Covers For Sale

In an aim to make something a bit cuter than your average bike basket net, I started knitting my own. I sometimes carry quite a load in my basket so the knit cover also protects precious cargo from falling out when going down hills or bumps in the road. They are currently for sale in my Etsy shop by the same name Soup and the Clouds. I’m still adding details/products etc. but they’ll be available in many different 1-2 color combinations soon.






Lands End Hike

Lands End is just a hop, skip and a jump away from the Legion of Honor. After seeing the Matisse exhibit, I went for hike along the coastal trail. There is a hidden labyrinth at the edge of Eagle Point that over looks the Pacific Ocean, Mile Rock Beach, and the mouth of the much sailed Golden Gate. The bridge disappears and reappears through the foliage throughout the trail, saying hello and goodbye again. Once I reached Eagle Point, I could have perched myself on a rock bird-like and sat for hours. Instead, I continued along the coast, past Baker Beach, through Seacliff to a coffee shop whose table very much reminded me of the labyrinth. What an adventure day!









Preserved Meyer Lemons

It’s the beginning of citrus season and tiny meyer lemons are starting to make an appearance at the farmer’s market. They are a sweeter cousin of the lemon and are said to be a hybrid of lemon and mandarin orange. I brought back preserved lemons from the holiday food swap last year and used them all so I was time to give it a-go myself. It’s an easy process but takes about 3 weeks until they are ready to use. I used this recipe from






Matisse From SFMOMA at the Legion of Honor

Every first Tuesday of the month is free museum day in San Francisco. SFMOMA has various pop-up style exhibits around town during their reconstruction, one being a small gathering of works by Matisse at the Legion of Honor. It’s a small room featuring still-lifes, sculptures, and portraitures. Standing in front of his vibrant work always brings me to life. If you’re planning a trip to see the Anders Zorn exhibit at the Legion of Honor, don’t forget to see this tiny glimpse of Matisse in the room before the entrance. These were my two favorite lady portraits.

The Girl with the Green Eyes
Young Woman In Pink


Miniature Pumpkin Pies

I like small things. So instead of making one pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, I made several small ones. You can use pretty much any pie recipe you like (I used this recipe since it didn’t call for evaporated/condensed milk), then divide the crust dough/pie filling into a greased muffin tin. I topped each pie with homemade whipped cream. So easy and delicious!