Juice Sans Juicer – Green Juice

I don’t have a juicer (nor do I have room in my tiny kitchen for another contraption) but that doesn’t stop me from making juice. If you have a blender and cheese cloth you’re good to go. My go-to lately is kale-apple-ginger-cucumber. The apple’s sweetness masks the bitterness of the kale but the bright green color reminds you that it’s in there. Ingredients: 1/2 cucumber, 2 small apples (or 1 big one) cored and roughly chopped, 1/2 a bunch of kale, about 1 Tbl. chopped ginger. If you like cinnamon add a pinch. I start with 1-2 cups of water than add ingredients and blend for a few minutes to make sure everything is broken down well. I also add a few ice cubes since I like to drink it chilled immediately. Then place cheese cloth over strainer (enough to gather up the sides and squeeze) then slowly pour in green mixture. Let drain for a bit and then squeeze to get every last ounce of juice. I have a small strainer so I always have to do this a few times. Voilà, juice!








About Soup and the Clouds

I treasure the small adventures in life. Such as, listening to records, making jam from farmer's market produce, seeing new sites, eating the best tomato I've ever had, reading a good book, watching a film, appreciating a good font, going for a long bike ride or walking down a street I've never walked on before. The list goes on.

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