Bill Callahan- Austin Celebrity Dream Siting

I wouldn’t mind running into (tracking down) one of my favorite songwriters/musicians, Bill Callahan, while in Austin, TX. Good news from Drag City this week, his new album Dream River will be released September 17th! I heart him so.

across his mouth there is a smile…



Keep Austin Weird

Keeping Austin, TX weird. See you next week!



Maj Lindman- Flicka, Ricka, and Dicka

Growing up, my mom collected/acquired many vintage children’s books. Amongst my favorites was, Flicka, Ricka, and Dicka created in the 1920-30s by the illustrator and writer Maj Lindman. These blond headed fictional triples (also known as Snipp Snapp, and Snurr in Swedish) always went on fun adventures. I think I was also drawn to their cute dresses too!
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How to Make a Book With Steidl

I learned How to Make a Book with Steidl. Each book by Steidl Press is an art object in of itself. The documentary is a fascinating peak into the process of making a book with clients such as Günter Grass, Robert Frank and Ed Ruscha resulting in a beautiful book. After working in a print shop for some time, this would be a dream environment. I could smell the ink and paper just watching it.



Allen Ginsberg Photographs

Allen Ginsberg’s photo series entitled, “Beat Memories” is on display at the Contemporary Jewish Museum. It was free museum day so I went to check them out. Each photograph is accompanied by a handwritten description of what was going on at that moment. Here are some of my favorites:




There were several travel photos of him standing in front of various monuments which had somewhat of a comical appeal. Here he is in front of Red Square in Moscow.
I also enjoyed his series of photographs out his apartment window during various seasons.


Jay Defeo Retrospective

I happend to miss the Jay Defeo Retrospective at SF Moma but was fortunate to catch it at the Whitney in NY. She was associated with the Beat movement in San Francisco and founded Six Gallery where Allen Ginsberg first read the poem Howl. She also create her most prolific work The Rose in her apartment on Fillmore Street. The Rose took her 8 years to finish, (I don’t know how many gallons of paint), and weighed 2300 pounds. When she got evicted from her apartment they had to remove it through the bay windows. Luckily they filmed this daunting task. When I returned back from New York, I walked to see what the apartment now looks like today. It seems to have a different facade.




moving the rose




One of my favorite small shops in New York is Kiosk in SOHO. Every piece is carefully picked and is accompanied by a small story. Each item from around the world is displayed as if in a museum. Most of the offerings are a perfect mix of nostalgia, utility, and design. I’m a sucker for small cute things with a past.

christian montonen KIOSK graffitti NYC Graffiti covered entry way.





East Coast Beer Love: Beer Street and TØRST

I always aim to taste some local beer whenever I go out of town so I went on a quest to find some East Coast beers. A friend recommended I check out Beer Street on Graham while in NY. It’s a small shop with a carefully picked bottle selection and beers on tap. You can taste any of the draft beers and take home a growler. Their license for drinking beer on the premises is pending so the owner suggested I check out Tørst down the road in Greenpoint. I’m so glad he did! Tørst was conceived by Gypsy brewer Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø of Evil Twin Brewing (brother of Mikkel Borg Bergsø of Mikkeller) with a focus on upscale, rare brews. I didn’t have a local beer but I did have a Beligium Koerseklakske Brouwerij ‘t Gaverhopke, Farmhouse Saison. Delicious! I did however, get some East Coast beer to take westward from Beer Street. Mission accomplished, I’d say.