Quick Dinner Rolls and Pumpkin Soup

Last minute bread to dip in soup.




Tamaryn – Tender New Signs

She’s dreamy… just like her new album.



Jumbo Basketweave Cowl

This mega yarn sure knits up quick. Just one movie and it should be fin!


Plaza Blanca Badlands

In between gorging on good food in New Mexico, we went for a hike in Plaza Blanca to counter balance the food festivities. The fortress of white limestone rock formations is a foreign terrain I was thankful to meet.


Happy Thanksgiving from New Mexico!

I will be making this stuffing tomorrow. What’s on your menu?




Stuffing things.

These have been my favorite go-to meals lately. I love me an edi-bowl. Stuffed tomatoes, acorn squash and mushrooms! Yum!


El Pueblo

While in Yelapa, we stayed in the small town so we got to know the neighborhood. The cobblestone streets have no names so the brightly colored buildings, hanging laundry, and street dogs help you find your way.



Flora y Fauna

One of my favorite aspects of going to a new land is discovering new flora and fauna. The rainy season had just ended so the vegetation was green and lush, and animal inhabitants were out and about. Birds, reptiles, and four-legged friends mingled with scheffleras, palm trees, ancient ferns, hibiscus flowers and colorful crotons. My only regret is not seeing the iguana tree!

There were so many town dogs of all different breeds shapes and sizes. This was the lone chihuahua.

A large smiling lizard ventured into our casita. The animals and plants are so jovial in paradise.


La Playa

While in Yelapa, we spent a lot of time (losing track of time) on the beach, swimming in the ocean, and looking out on the Bay of Banderas from our open air casita. I can still hear the waves crashing.



I finally got another stamp in my passport. I’ve never been this far south in world where the climate, flora and fauna is so exceptionally different, not to mention the way of life.  T’was a tropical, no plans, toes in sand, ocean swimming, food eating, bird watching, book reading, hammock rocking vacation. This was me…

sin margarita y libro. mas a venir.