Happy Friday!

Heading out to the Speakeasy Brewery to see the Memories play! Good start to the weekend. My good friend Jon designed and printed a letterpress poster too.




Rainbow Potato Salad

For our camping trip last weekend, I threw together a rainbow potato salad as a last attempt to hold on to summer. My potato salad was glad too.


René Bouché: Letters from Post-War Paris

One more reason to go to the Legion of Honor if you’re in town. René Bouché gives a glimpse into everyday life in war torn Paris through illustrations accompanied by hand written text. Illustration journalism. He then left Paris for New York to depict a more glamorous life for Vogue. Both are spot on.


Favorite New Things.

Some birthday treasures including my current reading

They know me so well! Thanks, friends!


Current Reading: Will Oldham on Bonnie “Prince” Billy

I’m a big fan of this man, his words, and his music. So far I’m learning a bit more about his process, influences, and insight into why he evades interviews, in this 400 paged interview.


Russian River!

I’m taking off early to go to the Russian River. Bon week end!!

Pretty much this will be me.


Marcel Duchamp’s Boîte en Valise

In addition to the Man Ray and Lee Miller exhibition at the Legion of Honor, there is a small room dedicated to Marcel Duchamp’s Boîte en Valise, his  portable museums. They are suitcases filled with miniatures of his work. Needless to say, they’re pretty special!


Man Ray + Lee Miller

This past weekend we rode our bikes out to the Legion of Honor to see the Man Ray and Lee Miller: Partners in Surrealism exhibition. They are now on my list of power couples (i do have a list). It almost brought crystal tears to my own eyes.


Page One: A Year Inside the New York Times

I’m a big fan of print media including newspapers which have taken a giant hit in the past few years. This documentary is a fascinating look into how The New York Times has adapted to changes in technology and to the definition of journalism itself. Long live The Times!



Inserts: an added bonus

It’s always a pleasant surprise to open a new record and find an insert. A small hello that makes me smile. One more reason to buy records!

A tiny accordian zine!

From Dud to Stud!