Tiny Furniture

After watching the first season of Girls, I finally watched Lena Dunham’s film Tiny Furniture. I’m a tiny fan of it. Besides being a triple threat, she’s one funny and fearless female.



Vintage Packaging.

Eye candy for your Wednesday.

light bulbs!


Me and Miles.

Right now we’re relaxin’ but we do other things too. Coltrane and some other talented folks are also in attendance.


Cat Power: Sun

She brings me back to a certain time in my life when life was gray. Not certain how I feel about this departure after her past albums but I definitely embrace the sun more than years past and apparently she does too. Rainy days with the appearance of the sun make a rainbow album. I secretly hope she releases the same album without the mixing.

Hear the entire album here


The Memories!

I had the pleasure of seeing The Memories play at Cafe Du Nord and bought their album directly from the singer.  Can’t stop listening!


Shadows by John Cassavetes

Cassavetes first film Shadows (1957) was screened at SF MOMA as a part of the Cindy Sherman film series.  Most of the scenes are improvised by non-actors, shot with hand held 16mm cameras in gritty, beatnik, jazz infused late 50’s New York City. It doesn’t hurt that the main gal is easy on the eyes and speaks her mind.



Phil Man.

He knows how to lounge.



Clarion Alley Murals

Finally ventured down Clarion Alley in the Mission after many years of walking by. It has inspired me to go on a self-lead public/street art tour of my city. Sometimes you can walk by something every day and not actually see it for what it is. Fresh eyes are much needed.


Current Reading

They had some good times together. She was a classy mistress. I really enjoy the conversational style of writing from a different era and the pictures too.


Bon Weekend!

Hope your weekend is full of adventure! Here’s some inspiration…