a birthday.

It was my mister’s birthday last week so I made him a mini version of his favorite cake. It packs a lot in a small package. I also made him a birthday card inspired by one of his gifts. Happy birth-day!

A great excuse to use my mini-whisk!

Mini carrot cake topped with candied ginger and lemon zest.

dancing pants!



Happy Weekend!

Some Velvet Morning with Lee & Nancy to start it off right…


Pizza Museum.

If you are a pizza lover like me, this is going to be totally saucesome! Get the full story here.




It was shorts weather this past weekend so we played tourists in our own city. We’ve always wanted to take a double decker bus around town and take photos from a different angle. I felt like an undercover local secretly spying on how tourists see the city. My favorite part was going through the Tenderloin, and listening the not-so-true anecdotes the tour guides tell. It was amazing!


According to the tour guide, this bank was owned by William Randolph Hearst and robbed by his granddaughter, Patricia Hearst while she was under the Stockholm Syndrome.


Saturday! Happy Monday

These two pictures basically sum it up.

A first at home! With new friendship glasses from our recent trip to Cambria.


When I live my dream

Some early Bowie to start the weekend off right. Just what I need right now.


Jean Paul Gaultier at the De Young

He is amazing.  For someone who grew up during the 90’s, seeing his designs in person really took me back and reminded me how much he has infiltrated pop culture. Let’s get to the point…the bra.

His first pointed bra on his teddy bear! a highlight  for me.


This piece was beaded by hand. couture. Over a 1000 hours!

Cindy Sherman.



Cindy Sherman

Last week I went to a member preview of the Cindy Sherman exhibit at SF MOMA with two friends that had studied her work in school. Prior to going, I had limited knowledge of her work since my Art History classes barely may it through the 1970s. She is pretty incredible. I really loved her early film stills series since they reminded me of some of my favorite films/filmmakers. Her paper doll stop motion film along with her tiny portraits that gradually change were also favorites.


La Cuesta Encantada

Hearst Castle, also known as “the Enchanted Hill,” is a spectacle of the past. Most of the art work and furniture dates back to the 16th-18th century. He was very into antiques to say the least. Every detail is so ornate, I found myself in awe of what now seems utilitarian: doors, ceilings, key holes, bed frames, lamp shades…the list goes on. I couldn’t help but imagine Hollywood stars in the 20’s and 30’s sipping cocktails and making merry. Supposedly, one of the most played games by guests was hide-and-go-seek and I believe it! Personally, if I had been a Hollywood starlit of the Golden Age, I would have sipped cocktails by the pool(s!). A gal can dream!

One of the many ceiling imported from Europe.

honey comb ceiling

Call of the Wild by Jack London on display! It was a happy sad feeling seeing so many old books not being read.

hanging out by the pool. no big deal.


Betta fish friends!

I’m back from San Simeon to hang out with my new betta fish! We’ve moved them into bigger (separate) tanks and are planning on sprucing up their space. We even brought them back rock souvenirs from the central coast. Who knows, maybe they’ll get their own fish castles inspired by our trip to Hearst Castle. On a much smaller scale of course.