Someone Told My Story in a Song.

A little Merle to start the weekend off. Bon weekend!



Fava beans made easy peasy.

I’ve been eyeing fava beans at the farmer’s market since they first came around but always refrain from buying them due to the laborious effort involved; blanched and skinned twice. Here’s a great tutorial on how to get to the heart of fava beans. They are worth the work if you have time for it. I was even more excited to find a recipe for grilled fava beans and you can eat the entire bean. Be sure to get the smallest fava beans available so the skin break down while cooking. The spice combo along with anchovies make a mean bean.

I love anchovies more and more.

on the grill.


Stargazing charms.

One of the highlights of my recent trip to New Mexico was seeing Mars, Saturn (ring included!), a nebula, the milky way, and a plethora of stars through a brand new telescope (a Father’s day gift!). It was amazing! I found two charms to wear in honor of my (self-proclaimed) junior astronomer status. I attached a tiny telescope and a compass to brass chain I bought in bulk from General Bead a San Francisco establishment that also feels like you’re stepping into another galaxy.

homemade gift appropriate wrapping paper.

My compass and telescope. The telescope does work… if the star is directly next to you.


PB & J Thumbprint Cookies.

I’m starting to associate baking cookies with people leaving. Maybe going through exit withdrawls. On a positive note, it was a great excuse to put my jam in action and make a sweet treats for a great gal!

photo credit: the lovely christina.


Doughnuts galore!

A good way to ease into a Monday.h.

Ghost town U.S.A.

There are quite a few ghost towns in New Mexico that I’ve wanted to explore like this one. Most are in the southern part of the state but we found 2 in Santa Fe county; La Bajada and Waldo. Many a times we were asked, “where’s Waldo?” It was our mission to find out. There’s no sign, just a dirt road by the railroad tracks leading to what used to be a mining town. I have to say, ghost towns are pretty sleepy.

found him!


Treasure hunting!

I love treasure hunting especially in a new land outside of San Francisco. While in Santa Fe we got up early(ish) one morn to seek out hidden booty (not that kind!). The New Mexican daily newspaper is full of  garage/estate sale listings and we were fortunate enough to be guided by an old hand estate saler. Here are some of the treasures that came home with us:

A record case plus records to go in it! (separate sales). The Fugs record came from a gal who used to date the drummer in the last 60s. She was happy to part with it for $2 saying, “he’s an a**hole.”

A new way to transport records!

This gem was a family heirloom from the 50s or 60s. It’s hard to see but the Golden Gate Bridge  is present along with a trolley car maybe when they were used for transportation.

How to build a Yurt blue prints! These were in a “free” bin and the owner was excited that I took them. I failed to ask where they built a Yurt. Didn’t want to pry, I guess. I might not build this Yurt but it is a dream of mine to have a yurt somewhere. This film about wild horses in Mongolia confirmed my yurt feelings.

Yurt Receipt.

A Wrangler jean jacket! I have actually been looking for this jacket for some time now. Hard to find in San Francisco. The owner was hesitant to give it up because she’d had it since the 60’s. It’s well wore and has seen a lot, I’m sure. Clothes with stories.

78″s! 50 cents each. Great fonts, illustrations and music.


Notes from New Mexico.

The land of enchantment lives up to it’s name. The high desert town of Santa Fe is crawling with interesting folk and camouflaged creatures all living below a big sky cluttered with stars at night. While in NM, we explored a couple of (the many) ghost towns, perused estate/garage sales, ate christmas, and gazed at the stars. We even did one of our favorite San Francisco things: riding bikes to a brewery! It’s a strange and fascinating place with many shades of brown and blue.

A breakfast burrito at Tecolote Cafe with xmas. Before…


baby cactus creeping up out of the earth. they are everywhere.

adults in bloom.

occupy everything.

I was hoping to see an equestrian press the cross-“ride” button.

Some much needed R&R out on the veranda.



A much needed return to music.


The Land of Enchantment.

Taking off early today to fly to the Land of Enchantment.



Someday I’ll make it to this!!