Tiny Colorful Explosions!

I never knew how great fireworks could be until I saw them soar over the Golden Gate Bridge. I rode my bike up and over the many hills (feels like climbing mountains) and then down to the Marina Green Park for the view of the 75th Anniversary firework show. It’s moments like this that really reaffirm my infatuation with this city.

Pardon the slight movement of the camera… handheld.



Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me…

A great start to a great weekend…


thanks for the heads up, nmm!


The Golden Gate Bridge turns 75!!

It’s the 75th anniversary of one of the most visited landmarks in the world: thee Golden Gate Bridge. I’m in love and get that fuzzy feeling every time it’s in view. I’ve seen it’s various angles and one I like most is the peek-a-boo hello out of the fog bank. Can’t wait to celebrate with fireworks and merriment!

fog city



Del Popolo

I love pizza. I love making it. I love eating it. Let’s face it, I would eat pizza for every meal.  So naturally, it was inspiring to see and enjoy the pizza from the pizzeria on wheels, Del Popolo constructed out of a shipping container. Must go to Napoli. Must get a wood fire oven. Must!

A lone shipping container tranformed into a pizzeria. dream!

So delicious!

Cult of Beauty: The Victorian Avant-Garde 1860–1900

While the family was in town, we went to the Legion of Honor to see the Cult of Beauty exhibition. Although I appreciated the design aestheticism of the furnishings, my favorite part was the James Abbott McNeil Whistler (JAMW) paintings/etchings. He really strikes a cord with me.

Harmony in Grey and Green (1872-74)

Symphony in White No. 1  (1862)

Nocturne: Blue and Gold (1872)


Homemade Bitters!

This last Home Brew Friday  included homemade bitters made by my lovely and talented friend. So inspiring! Can’t wait to make my own someday.


Hardly Hard Apple Cider.

In the works…

Let nature do the work.


Le Notti Di Cabiria

I heart Nights of Cabiria. The lovely and talented Giulietta Masina sure packs a lot in a small package. Fellini and she make quite a pair.

You can watch the film in it’s entirety here:

buon week end!


west palm beach.

toes in sand wishing day.


you CAN do it.

It’s my favorite time of year at the farmer’s market when spring and summer mingle together for a brief exchange. Think asparagus do-si-do-ing a strawberry. Many canning projects are on the horizon. (not asparagus strawberry jam). More inspiration here:


Do it!