Jury Duty.

It was my first time being summonsed to jury duty in San Francisco and surprisingly it was a bit more exciting than I had anticipated. I brought 2 books, knitting and some snacks in preparation for a long boring day waiting for my name to be called but I never had the chance to utilize any of them. Instead, my name was called almost first (although “fish” is not my last name except in Swedish). I was sent to the court room where a trial that has been all over the news in San Francisco is to be held. Unfortunately, I had to postpone due to financial hardship. Who can take 3 weeks off of work unpaid?? I’m sure I wouldn’t have been picked but the prospect of being a part of such a trial was actually exciting. I’d like to see the process first hand and see both sides of the story. I think it may have been the propaganda video they show everyone early in the morning that got me. I’m definitely going to watch 12 Angry Men again!



About Soup and the Clouds

I treasure the small adventures in life. Such as, listening to records, making jam from farmer's market produce, seeing new sites, eating the best tomato I've ever had, reading a good book, watching a film, appreciating a good font, going for a long bike ride or walking down a street I've never walked on before. The list goes on.

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