Home Brew Club.

Today was the second meeting of the unofficial home brew club. Somehow, simultaneously, 5 people that I work with started brewing beer so naturally we decided we should all bring in our home brews to taste every other Friday or so. So far, we’ve brewed an array of beer types and this is only the beginning. Today, we tasted an amber ale and the two beers I brought in… a dry hopped pale ale (inspired by 21st Amendment’s Bitter American) and a super duper hoppy IPA from a recipe written by a brewer at one of my favorite brewery Russian River Brewing Company. I was the 1st mate to the brewing captain on both beers and hope to someday brew my own. We need to design a beer label which I hope to have letter pressed but until then my typewriter, a paper bag, and some baker’s twine will do. Paper baggin’ it! Here they are all dressed up!

Cheers to the weekend!



Postcards to Alphaville

This project is a love letter to film and illustration. Each illustration is dedicated to one of the characters in the artist favorite film. What film and character would you choose? Some of my favorites have already been chosen:

400 Blows by the talented Jacqui Lee.

Wild Strawberries by Camilla Engman!

Chinatown by Christiane Engel.


Tune into Grinder’s Grooveyard

Every Monday night from 8:30-11:00pm local radio station KPOO 89.5 FM plays sweet tunes from the 50s-60s. Monday night they were doing a special show dedicated to STAX Records in the olden days of 1966. You can’t help but visualize a pile of dusty 45s awaiting their turn on the turntable. Here’s one of the B-sides they played that I actually have at home Got to Make a Comeback by Eddie Floyd. It really makes my Mondays a whole lot brighter! If you don’t have a radio (you should) you can stream it here.


Maira’s Hats.

I gasped when I opened up the mailbox to find this week’s New Yorker awaiting me. Low and behold another Maira Kalman cover featuring a one-of-a-kind Maira hat! She’s a 2d milliner and her love for hats is shown throughout her work. This week’s cover is especially special …the hat is wearing a hat. I heart her so.

Happy Spring!


Happy National Puppy Day!

Puppies are the best.



I carried my house on my back for the first time on an overnight backpacking adventure. It was a dream come true and in what better place than Point Reyes? It’s one of my favorites places on earth… of the small territory I have covered turtle like. Our destination was Wildcat camp which is a 6-8 mile hike depending on which way you go. We started from Bolinas and went north along the coast, over the hill, and through the woods to the camp perched up on a bluff overlooking the ocean. I recommend site #7 with an ocean view.

The coast trail and the tide pools down below.

A cloud shadow.

grazing fawns.

We made it to camp!

Ocean view.



Good coffee spot.

Spring wildflowers and the Pacific Ocean. Great combo.


cumulus and nimbus.

I came across this animated video starring a cumulus and a nimbus cloud. I saw both cloud types this weekend and they behaved in a similar fashion.


Letterpress. Beer. Label.

Since we’ve started brewing our own beer, I’ve been pondering what the labels should look like. To my surprise and excitement,  I found out today that Hammerpress just pressed this label for a collaboration beer between Sierra Nevada and Boulevard Brewing Company. I heart them so. I’m a sucker for a good label and good type, so naturally I can’t wait to get my hands on one (or more) of these beers should they come within my grasp.


Read more about the–> beer and admire their letterpress beer postcards. I want to go to Kansas City!


Picture discs…merry-go-round for faces.

Another element of vinyl I much love that adds serious character is a picture disc. It’s one thing to have the artist or band on the cover and it’s another to watch them, pressed into the record, spinning ’round. I’ve learned the hard way not to watch it for too long or else dizziness sets in. Which can sometimes be like the music itself. Maybe not a bad thing? Here are the few on our shelves…

the B-side

I would never say no to a Kate Bush picture disc.

The Sunset Rubdown gang. Spencer!

The cloudy B-side.

David Horvitz w/ Casiotone for the Painfully Alone… being casual.

A wintery tree bone B-side.

We have one more picture flexi disc of which you can view and listen to here. and you should.


Eames the Architect and the Painter.

I finally watched Eames: the Architect and the Painter last night. It’s a fascinating look into the lives and work of Charles and Ray Eames which goes far beyond chairs. Someday I’d like to take a self lead tour of their mid-century modern house or see Ray’s 100s of tiny notes and letters at their studio. You can watch it on PBS or Netflix streaming. Here’s one of their films involving tops: