Amor y Amargo… aka bitters bar.

We ventured to this East Village gem twice but could not physically fit in this tiny sardine can of a bar. Luckily, the third time was the charm. We even got a seat at the bar (there are maybe 10 seats). I had heard about this place the last time I was in New York after a short stint at their punch bar upstairs. This place was more my scene (when not crowded). They specialize in riffs on classic cocktails that incorporate many Italian digestivi and a plethora of different bitters. As we sat down and shed our winter coats, the couple next to us tried to order a margarita. This is not that kind of place. The bartender politely said, “we can not make a margarita for multiple reasons. We don’t have shakers, we only stir, and we don’t use any fruit juice…. but I can make you a tequila based cocktail.” It was very reminiscent of this…

However, it was awesome! Not obnoxious. You can taste all of the bitters to your liking and there are plenty. I’ve been wanting to make my own bitters for a while now but the process is of course somewhat daunting and it takes some patience. Apparently, before prohibition there were a plethora of different types of bitters in the U.S. some used for medicinal or digestive use. Today, the most wide spread is Angostura but it seems other bitters are becoming more readily available like Peychauds. I got an Autumn in Manhattan and it might just be the best cocktail I’ve ever had. The ice cubes were especially amazing 🙂




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I treasure the small adventures in life. Such as, listening to records, making jam from farmer's market produce, seeing new sites, eating the best tomato I've ever had, reading a good book, watching a film, appreciating a good font, going for a long bike ride or walking down a street I've never walked on before. The list goes on.

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