Take a hike

While a big game (that decided who is going to the Super Bowl) was on, we decided to take a hike. It also happened to be raining but equipped with raincoats and sturdy boots we weren’t afraid to get wet. Besides the traffic getting there (due to the fore-mentioned big game) it was a great escape. We went to Huddart park in Woodside, CA. We only saw one other human while there but a plethora of residential creatures big and small came out of the woodworks. Most with great camouflage which almost worked out to be a disadvantage. I came frightfully near to slipping on a banana slug which happens to be very close to a fear of mine (slipping on a banana peel). It would have been doubled since I would have killed it and hurt myself at the same time. Close one! Another friend we met on the trail was an amphibian… a rough-skinned California newt! What a cute little fella!

So many great trees. Must learn all their names.

How different would the world be if you were a Bryologist?

I always appreciate great signage.

cute Newt.



About Soup and the Clouds

I treasure the small adventures in life. Such as, listening to records, making jam from farmer's market produce, seeing new sites, eating the best tomato I've ever had, reading a good book, watching a film, appreciating a good font, going for a long bike ride or walking down a street I've never walked on before. The list goes on.

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