thoughtful gifts inside and out.

small things. this is what i’m about. This year I received some special gifts made by special people. Let’s have a look, shall we?

A 5-color letterpress personal card! Very exciting!

This almond tart went fast! Deeee-licous!

A linocut fox print with overprinting! Special!

A tiny bottle filled with ferrules (the metal band on pencils). Quite a treasure!

A circus tent button!

Costa Rican coffee beans roasted by our friends in LB.

And last but certainly not least… a Japanese (and German) Mobile! I will report back when it’s constructed and hanging in our apartment. Needless to say I was very excited about receiving such small thoughtful handmade gifts! Sooo special!

Thanks, NMM!



wine stained lips.

This reenforces my need for a proper tape deck. Smog deck.

Some people shouldn’t go to parties. Some people must get some peel sessions.


the land of enchantment.

New Mexico, to me, is where Native American, Mexican, and the American Southwestern cultures intersect to create their own culture. The state motto is “the land of enchantment”. It really is. There are so many geological anomalies, ghost towns, and traditions to explore and experience. Seeing adobe style architecture covered in snow with a big blue sky above and the sun blaring down is pretty amazing. I’m not in California anymore…

snowy succulents

a chili pepper sign of welcome.

traditional coyote fence.

the color palette of the landscape.


Santa… Fe, NM

We just returned from the high altitude desert city of Santa Fe, NM. It was a white and adobe Christmas where you can order “Christmas” with your burrito all year round…

more Santa Fe to come!



and gingerbread boys. quite a combo!


let us…

i would very much like to someday. after travels.


Monogram Print.

I finally broke out my dusky art supplies box, bought some carving tools, paints, and rubber blocks to make my first print for my secret santa. It’s very amateur, being my first time, but it was fun and I’m excited to explore new ideas. First up… a monogram modeled after wooden abc blocks for little ones. Printing 101… the image should be carved in reverse. I always learn the hard way. Maybe because after failing a small victory is so much sweeter. Here’s a peak at the process and end result. A starburst stamp came after to transform a brown paper bag into spruced up wrapping paper.

the inking…




Food Rules!

My secret santa really surprised me by getting me a gift I was actually going to gift myself. As I peeled away the wrapping paper I was quite excited to see Food Rules by Michael Pollan Illustrated by Maira Kalman. Some people read the title “food rules” as in rules to abide, but I hope they simultaneously read it as “food rules!”  What a duo.  To see the lovely and talented Maira Kalman’s illustrations juxaposed with Michael Pollan’s message makes me happy. We all love food and it’s important to understand the what, where, when, why and how aspect of it all. Here’s a glimpse of Maira on her involvement.


sutro heights park and ocean beach.

I recently went for a much needed bike exploration through Golden Gate Park to Ocean Beach then up to Sutro Heights Park and back. It was a clear crisp day. Perfect for an adventure. I have really been enjoy the beach lately. Close up and from high heights. If you’re looking for a day excursion here in San Francisco get on a bike and ride to the beach. It’s quite an amazing vantage point.

beach ants.

the great highway.

one of the two gifts from Sweden.

Then finally a stop at the park chalet for a beer and backgammon.


an annual surprise…

Each year in December we arrive home at our tiny apartment to a shiny box of chocolates waiting at our door step. If you look around at other doors steps on our floor you can see who has received said gift or who hasn’t been home in a week to claim it. I always gasp as if santa had brought me something new, something i had ask for, but really it’s the name that counts… a box of Costco Kirkland Brand Belgium Chocolates from our landlord who’s last name is Kirkland. He’s either a descendent of the Kirklands who created the generic Costco brand (which would make sense as to how he owns a building in San Francisco) or he just has a membership and a sense of humor. Most likely the latter.