I was quite elated to learn that Woody Allen would be the subject of a two part 4-hour documentary for American Masters on PBS. It really put his career in perspective for me. I would say I’m a little fan, or maybe a big fanatic when it comes to his work. I’ve seen most (almost all) of his films, read his short stories (If the Impressionists had been Dentists is one of my favorites), have one of his stand-up comedy records, and even named my beta fish Woody after him and a guthrie by the same name. Somehow I’ve never contemplated his work in the context of history so this documentary revealed to me his linear progression and how his work was viewed by the public at the time of it’s release. He still uses the same typewriter that he’s had forever! Pretty special. You can watch both part 1 and 2 at pbs.org. Here’s a peak and a link to part 1!




happy belated thanks giving!

I just got back from an epic journey down the 5 freeway and back again with a few days in between to visit family and hangout beachside. A rare opportunity to relax by the beach with the sun shining sans wind and fog.


el buen sabor.

There is a plethora of taquerias in San Francisco that beckon burrito lovers who choose favorites. These favorites are much disputed. But what can’t be disputed is amazing the interior of El Buen Sabor. The burrito interior is pretty delicious too and there are great window seats for Valencia St. people watching. Here’s a peek inside it’s tropical peaceful setting:

The palm trees!

nature scenes with waterfalls.

pretty special!


some people still send them.

On a walk, I came across this mail slot of yesterday. I’m sure many-a-words, hand-written in ink have gone through it. This is a love letter to letters.


from the flea…

While I didn’t get it, I saw quite a treasure at the Alameda Flea Market and now I wish I had taken it home with me. I’m trying not to buy things I don’t need… although I did come home with a gold clutch (coin purse included) for $3 (obviously needed) and 10 postcards to add to my collection of postcards that hopefully I’ll exchange with a dedicated correspondent (somehow hard to find these days). Here it is… a screen-printed on muslin children’s book called Nursery Pets! I love the illustrations, the raw edge, and how the registration is just a bit off. The wording is pretty great too!



She’s Back!

Kate Bush has a new album out entitled 50 Words For Snow. Have a listen over at NPR. I’ve had a musical crush on her for some time now.  She’s the full package…brains and beauty. She’s quite the wordsmith and weaves various subjects of the humanities into her songs. Here she is at only 19 years of age when she wrote/performed Wuthering Heights…wowsa!


berliner ping pong

Check. I finally made it to Berlin-style ping pong for a friend’s birthday celebration. T’was ausgezeichnet although my paddle only hit the ball once in a gallant effort to hit the other side and then I retreated back to spectating.  A certain table tennis enthusiast and partner in walking the streets of Berlin would have ruled the table and I could have cheer her on! Made me a bit nostalgic. Here’s a taste… a bit cloudy in content but you get the merry-go-round point.  Tischtennis macht mir spass!




the top of the mountain.

After the hike down to the German Tourist Club, we ascended to the top of Mount Tamalpais. Not on foot the entire way, of course! There is a windy road that leads to the almost highest peak where there is a snack shop, a visitor’s center, and the beginning of the trailhead to very top. I haven’t felt that feeling of standing on top of a mountain looking out upon the land in…. a long time (metaphorically and figuratively).  There were a few others at the top when we got there, including a woman from Switzerland who also found the view to be spectacularly amazing. I sat there thinking about the terrain below. I was on the top of a mountain looking down on the bay, the pacific ocean, bridges, islands, forests, cities. And then… the descent down. back to ground level with the ants.


Tourist Club.

When my sister came to town, we went out of town… to the special German Tourist Club in Mt. Tam. I don’t mind being a tourist when it comes to hiking through the forest to a secret Bavarian biergarten. I felt a bit like Hansel and Gretel when we ventured upon it even though I had been once before. Since the house itself was not edible we brought a picnic and I sipped on an Oktoberfest Paulner. Pretty special! It’s open to non-members on certain Sundays. Go! Here are a few photos from the journey…

almost there… i think…

road signs…

yay! we made it!


explorations. bill evans trio.

I can now add this lovely record to my Bill Evans discography. He is a dear friend that I come back to with great enthusiasm. I emote his piano playing as pensive and melancholy (which I cherish) but this album has a bit more hope and joy. Possibly because it was an early album. The cover photo fits the music well. The light coming through the curtain, the wind blowing, Bill with a slight grin exploring the composition of the outside world framed by the window. Thanks, Nick. Groove Yard. Bill.