night for day.

Oh Truffaut. He’s one of my favorites. Last night I finally watched Night For Day in which he plays a director making a film. It’s a film within a film that gives a behind the scenes look into his creative process, the industry (in the 70’s), whilst showing that the making of a film can be as dramatic as the film itself. I also have a small crush on Jean-Pierre Leaud who stars in the film and the film within the film. It is a bit dated in a lovely lost way. So much celluloid!




a treasure found.

On a recent trip up to Portland, OR, I found a pretty special book by a pretty special person at a pretty special book store. It all came together at once and I was quite elated. The book was a first edition copy of  Short Drive, Sweet Chariot.  The person is a dear literary friend Mister William Saroyan who once roamed the streets of San Francisco. The bookstore is one of the best and last of it’s kind in the country, the magnificent Powell’s Books in Portland, OR. It was a great moment when I opened up the book to find a photograph of the author mustache and all. Quite a mug shot….

It was a review copy that also included the specs in courier type to the reviewer…

and his printed signature on the back. Okay… I’m a bit of a fan.

I hope others still have a deep affection for such heartfelt tangible treasures! Viva la books. Okay, i said it.


Ginger Beer!

I’d like to introduce you to a dear friend of mine. Ginger. I capped and bottled my favorite spice. Isn’t that nice? 🙂


leggo my eggo…

On an evening walk I came across a box that was both amusing and appalling. Really?

Group Flexi!

There has been many a treasure found as of late including this gem… a spiral bound flexi disc of 7 inches purchased at the Fresh & Onlys/ Tamaryn show last week. This special spiral bond book with foil stamping and picture discs is right up my alley. Castle face records, Pirate Press, and all of the artists involved pull my heart strings with this precious treasure. Take a gander!

post card from alamo square.

on this warm san francisco night, which doesn’t come around too often, i did a cart wheel in alamo square to show my enthusiasm.  my first cart wheel in a thousand years. do one! it felt pretty spectacular in the presence of such painted ladies.


a beginning…

well, you have to start somewhere. how about here… to my pleasant surprise i was pointed in the right direction. hopefully you will be too!

More radical to come.